Powers v. Rug Barn, 15 Cal. Rptr. 3d 292, 117 Cal. App. 4th 1011 (2004)

Fred Powers and Suzanne DeVall were partners in a company called Earth Tapestries, which was engaged in providing consulting, design and sales related to textiles and home furnishings and products. Another company, Rug Barn, expressed an interest in entering into a business agreement with Earth Tapestries but later indicated that it was withdrawing its interest in such a transaction. Four months later, Rug Barn hired DeVall. Powers filed suit against DeVall and Rug Barn, alleging, among other things, interference with contract on the theory that Rug Barn lured DeVall away from Earth Tapestries and induced her to breach the partnership agreement. The trial court granted summary judgment to Rug Barn on the ground that Powers had failed to establish “independently actionable conduct by [Rug Barn] in connection with [its] employment of DeVall.” The Court of Appeal affirmed.