Earlier this year, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law AB 469 (pdf), entitled the “Wage Theft Prevention Act of 2011,” which adds Section 2810.5 to the Labor Code and requires employers to furnish to non-exempt employees, at the time of hiring, a notice specifying (among other things) the employee’s rate or rates of pay and the basis on which the employee’s wages are to be calculated. While the California Labor Commissioner had indicated that it would issue a notice template and guidance to employers by mid-December, it has yet to provide any such guidance.  While employers wait for the Commissioner to act, Proskauer has prepared a notice form that companies can utilize in the interim. Proskauer attorneys have extensive experience in this area, as the firm has long assisted its clients in complying with similar requirements under New York state law.  For further information on compliance with the California or New York statutes, please contact Enzo Der Boghossian at ederboghossian@proskauer.com (California) or Fred Leffler at fleffler@proskauer.com (New York).