In addition to the #MeToo inspired legislation, which we covered in a recent blog post, Governor Brown signed several other pieces of legislation amending existing laws and imposing new requirements regarding employment. Here are our “Bill Bites,” which provide a snapshot of the new laws

  • PAGA Does Not Apply to Construction Workers: Assembly Bill 1654 bars employees in the construction industry who are subject to a collective bargaining agreement with a grievance procedure from bringing claims under the Private Attorneys General Act until when the collective bargaining agreement expires or January 1, 2028, whichever is earlier.
  • Reasonable Efforts Required to Provide Location for Expressing Breast Milk Other Than in a Bathroom: Assembly Bill 1976 requires that employers make reasonable efforts to provide an employee with the use of a room or other location to express breast milk, other than in a bathroom. The previous law required reasonable efforts to provide a location other than in a toilet stall.
  • Employers Can Ask Applicants About Salary Expectations: Assembly Bill 2282 adds definitions to the law prohibiting an employer from relying on salary history in determining whether to hire an employee, and clarifies that an employer can ask an applicant regarding his/her expectations of salary for the position.
  • State’s Paid Family Leave Extended to Active Duty or Family Member’s Active Duty: Senate Bill 1123 expands the scope of the California’s family temporary disability insurance program to include time off to participate in a qualifying exigency related to covered active duty or a family member’s active duty.
  • Right to Inspect and Receive Wage Records: Senate Bill 1252 clarifies that Labor Code Section 226’s right to inspect wage records also means that the employee has a right to “receive” those records.