UPDATED April 29: Mayor Garcetti has signed the Ordinance.

Employers who have laid off workers due to COVID-19 may soon be required to rehire the laid off workers before they can hire any new employees.

The Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved a measure giving specified workers a “right of recall.” Employees who work in stadiums, concert halls, hotels, and airport-affiliated businesses, as well as janitorial workers, may be covered by the ordinance.

The Council’s proposal aims to give workers a stronger sense of security and prevent employers from replacing older workers with younger, cheaper workers after the COVID-19 pandemic recedes. Employers opposing the ordinance worry that it will spark an avalanche of lawsuits, further complicating the rehiring and business-reopening process.

Once the final version of the ordinance is drafted, the Council must approve it again before it goes to Mayor Garcetti for final approval and implementation. Mayor Garcetti already has indicated that he will sign such a measure. We will keep you updated on the status of the ordinance.