On Friday June 5, Gov. Newsom announced that California has authorized the music, film and television production industries to reopen on or after this coming Friday, June 12, 2020.  The same day, Gov. Newsom announced the reopening of fitness facilities, day camps, and several other industries.

Although the State Public Health Officer had been issuing industry-specific reopening protocols, the Public Health Officer directed employers engaged in the music, film and television production industries to follow protocols agreed to by labor and management, which may encompass the guidelines published by the industry-wide labor-management safety committee task force on June 1, 2020.  Those guidelines are discussed here.  The Public Health Officer directed office-based employees in the entertainment industry to follow the general office reopening guidelines, previously published on the State’s reopening website.

Although the State has now authorized production to resume, music, film and television employers also will need to confirm that individual counties have authorized the resumption of operations.  Los Angeles County, where the vast majority of production occurs, has yet to issue definitive guidance authorizing production to resume.  Per the Governor’s reopening authorization, counties may issue stricter reopening guidelines but not more lenient ones.