Rojas-Cifuentes v. Superior Court, 2020 WL 7488653 (Cal. Ct. App. 2020)

Miguel Angel Rojas-Cifuentes filed a Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) claim against his former employer, American Modular Systems, Inc. (AMS), in which he alleged violations of the law that requires employers to keep accurate time and payroll records and to compensate employees “for substantial portions of their workday.” AMS filed a motion for summary adjudication in which it contended that Rojas-Cifuentes had failed to exhaust administrative remedies with the Labor and Workforce Development Agency because the letter to the Agency failed to properly allege “facts and theories” supporting his claims. The trial court granted AMS’s motion, but in this opinion, the Court of Appeal granted Rojas-Cifuentes’ petition for writ of mandate, holding that Rojas-Cifuentes’ allegations sufficed to notify AMS of the general basis for his claims.