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On March 28, 2012, a California Assembly committee considered a bill that would expand the scope of California’s Family Rights Act (CFRA). These proposed expansions to CFRA could potentially increase the amount of unpaid leave time taken by employees in California and would almost certainly add to the challenges already faced by California employers seeking to comply with complex state and federal leave laws while

On January 24, the EEOC reported that it received 99,947 complaints of workplace-discrimination in 2011, the highest number of complaints ever reported. Though the numbers are up only slightly from 2010, the EEOC believes the upswing may continue, in part due to a weak job market. The EEOC’s draft Strategic Plan for 2012-16 suggests that “During more difficult economic times, the EEOC may see an increase

Joaquin v. City of Los Angeles (California Ct. App. 01/23/2012)

A Los Angeles Police Department officer filed a sexual harassment claim with the department against his supervisor, and after investigating the officer’s claim, the department determined the claim was unfounded. In response, the supervisor filed an internal complaint against the officer alleging that the officer had filed a false sexual harassment claim. Various internal investigations