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Employee’s Overtime Claims Were Barred By Settlement Agreement

Larner v. Los Angeles Doctors Hosp. Associates, LP, 168 Cal. App. 4th 1291 (2008) Josephine Larner, a nurse, sued her former employer, a hospital, for allegedly unpaid overtime. Larner brought the action on behalf of herself and all current and former nonexempt workers employed by defendants who failed to receive required premium overtime wages for … Continue Reading

Court Was Not Required To Dismiss Appeal Of Employer That Failed To Post Bond

Progressive Concrete, Inc. v. Parker, 136 Cal. App. 4th 540 (2006) Ron Parker was employed as a sales coordinator by both Progressive and another company. The Labor Commissioner awarded Parker $133,339.38 in unpaid wages, interest and penalties. Progressive filed a notice of appeal with the San Diego County Superior Court, requesting a de novo hearing … Continue Reading

Attorney’s Fees May Be Assessed Against Employee Who Fails To Improve On Labor Commissioner’s Award

Smith v. Rae-Venter Law Group, 29 Cal. 4th 345 (2002) Following Timothy L. Smith’s resignation as an associate with the Rae-Venter Law Group (RVLG), he filed a claim with the Labor Commissioner and obtained an award for unpaid vacation pay, some miscellaneous deductions and expense reimbursements and statutory prejudgment interest. Smith also sought but failed … Continue Reading

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