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CEO Could Proceed With Malicious Prosecution Action Against Former Employee’s Attorneys

Siebel v. Mittlesteadt, 118 Cal. App. 4th 406, 12 Cal. Rptr. 3d 906 (2004) Thomas M. Siebel, the CEO of Siebel Systems, Inc. (SSI), sued Carol L. Mittlesteadt and E. Rick Buell, II (the Lawyers), for malicious prosecution based on their representation of Debra Christoffers, a former SSI employee. Through the Lawyers, Christoffers sued Siebel (individually) as … Continue Reading

Dismissal Of Action Based On Parol Evidence Rule May Support Malicious Prosecution Claim

Casa Herrera, Inc. v. Beydoun, 32 Cal. 4th 336, 83 P.3d 497 (2004) After Nasser Beydoun’s complaint against Casa Herrera for breach of a commercial contract and fraud was dismissed based on the parol evidence rule (barring evidence of prior oral promises that are inconsistent with a written agreement), Casa Herrera filed suit against Beydoun for malicious … Continue Reading

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