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Claim For Unpaid Vacation Benefits Was Properly Dismissed

Bell v. H.F. Cox, Inc., 2012 WL 3846827 (Cal. Ct. App. 2012) Oscar Bell and other truck drivers filed a putative class action against Cox, alleging wage and hour violations. Among other things, the drivers alleged that Cox had failed to pay promised vacation benefits to current employees (it paid them a flat rate of … Continue Reading

Medical Service Reps May Not Have Been Subject To The Motor Carrier Exemption From Overtime

Gomez v. Lincare, Inc., 173 Cal. App. 4th 508 (2009) Lincare provides respiratory services and medical equipment setup to patients in their homes. Plaintiffs were Lincare service representatives who drove vans containing liquid and compressed oxygen (defined by the federal government as “hazardous materials”) and worked on call in the evenings and on weekends. Plaintiffs … Continue Reading

Truck Drivers’ Overtime Claim Was Subject To The Motor-Carrier Exemption

Collins v. Overnite Transp. Co., 105 Cal. App. 4th 171 (2003) The truck drivers in this case filed a class action, seeking unpaid overtime compensation from their employer, Overnite Transportation Company, a motor carrier. Overnite responded by filing a demurrer, seeking dismissal of the drivers’ claims on the ground that Wage Order No. 9 provides … Continue Reading

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