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Employer’s Wage Statements Did Not Violate Labor Code

Morgan v. United Retail Inc., 186 Cal. App. 4th 1136 (2010) Amber Morgan filed this class action lawsuit against her former employer under Cal. Lab. Code § 226, alleging United Retail had violated the law because the wage statements issued by the employer listed the total number of regular hours and overtime hours separately and … Continue Reading

Claims For Unpaid Meal Periods And Inaccurate Paystubs Were Properly Dismissed

Brinkley v. Public Storage, Inc., 167 Cal. App. 4th 1278 (2008) Fred Brinkley, a property manager for Public Storage, asserted class action and individual claims for violations of Labor Code § 226 (requiring accuracy of paystubs) and § 226.7 (meal and rest period requirements). The trial court granted summary adjudication in favor of the employer … Continue Reading

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