Clark v. Superior Court, 196 Cal. App. 4th 37 (2011)

While he worked as VeriSign’s chief administrative officer, Grant Clark signed VeriSign’s nondisclosure agreement, which included a provision that he would not remove VeriSign’s confidential or privileged information and that he would return any such documents in his possession upon termination of his employment. Clark was terminated effective December 31, 2008, and in January

Oxy Resources Cal. LLC v. Superior Court, 115 Cal. App. 4th 874 (2004)

Oxy Resources and EOG Resources entered into a complex transaction whereby they exchanged interests in a number of oil and gas producing properties. Oxy and EOG anticipated that Calpine Natural Gas LP might sue them as a result of the transaction and, therefore, they entered into a joint-defense agreement before finalizing

McKesson HBOC, Inc. v. Superior Court, 115 Cal. App. 4th 1229 (2004)

After McKesson publicly disclosed that its auditors had discovered improperly recorded revenues at a McKesson subsidiary, it became the subject of shareholder lawsuits and investigations by the United States Attorney’s Office and the SEC. McKesson retained an outside law firm to represent it in the shareholder lawsuits and to perform an internal

2,022 Ranch, LLC v. Superior Court, 113 Cal. App. 4th 1377 (2003)

A purchaser of land (2,022 Ranch, LLC) sued its title insurer (Chicago Title) for breach of contract and bad faith. During the course of the litigation, 2,022 Ranch sought documents from Chicago Title’s claims file and also to depose claims handlers and their supervisors concerning Chicago Title’s handling of and refusal to

American Airlines, Inc. v. Superior Court, 114 Cal. App. 4th 881 (2003)

During the course of his discrimination and wrongful termination lawsuit against American Airlines, Jawad Alamad, a former aircraft mechanic, identified Richard DiMarco, another American employee and Vice President of Local 564 of the Transport Workers Union of America, as having knowledge supporting his claims. During his deposition, DiMarco refused to identify employees

Theofel v. Farey-Jones, 341 F.3d 978 (9th Cir. 2003)

Douglas Wolf and Richard Buckingham, officers of Integrated Capital Associates, Inc. (ICA), were embroiled in commercial litigation against Alwyn Farey-Jones when Farey-Jones’s lawyer, Iryna Kwasny, subpoenaed ICA’s Internet Service Provider, NetGate, broadly seeking “all copies of emails sent or received by anyone.” NetGate, which was not represented by counsel, responded that the amount of e-mail