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Bank VP’s Discrimination Claims Were Not Preempted By Federal Law

Ramanathan v. Bank of America, 155 Cal. App. 4th 1017 (2007) Padmanabhan Ramanathan alleged he was discriminated against and harassed as a result of his religion (Hindu), race (Asian) and national origin. In its summary judgment motion, the Bank asserted that Ramanathan was a “Vice President” who served “at the pleasure” of the board of … Continue Reading

Employee May Have Been Victim Of “Reverse” Religious Discrimination

Noyes v. Kelly Services, 2007 WL 1531824 (9th Cir. 2007) Lynn Noyes alleged that her supervisor, who was a member of a small religious group called the “Fellowship of Friends,” had engaged in “reverse” religious discrimination when he selected another member of the Fellowship instead of Noyes for a promotion. The trial court granted summary … Continue Reading

Religious Hospital May Terminate Employee For “Preaching” To Others In The Workplace

Silo v. CHW Medical Found., 27 Cal. 4th 1097 (2002) Terence Silo worked as a file clerk for CHW, a medical clinic sponsored by three Roman Catholic congregations. Approximately 16 months after he started working for CHW, Silo experienced a “religious conversion” after which time he became an evangelical Christian. After a patient and several … Continue Reading

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