Ambat v. City & County of San Francisco, 2014 WL 2959634 (9th Cir. 2014)

The plaintiffs in this case are current and former deputies of the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department (“SFSD”) who challenged the SFSD’s policy prohibiting male deputies from supervising female inmates. The deputies contend that the policy violates Title VII’s prohibition against sex discrimination. The district court granted summary judgment to the

John Y., Jr. v. Chaparral Treatment Ctr., Inc., 101 Cal. App. 4th 565 (2002)

A jury awarded John Y., a minor, over $2.7 million as a result of a counselor’s sexual molestation of him while he lived at a group residential facility for emotionally troubled youth. Although a significant portion of the damages (including punitive damages) was awarded against the Chaparral Treatment Center (the