Vondjidis v. Hewlett Packard Corp., 168 Cal. App. 4th 921 (2008)

Alexander Vondjidis was employed by Hewlett Packard at HP’s Athens, Greece office in the 1970s. He purchased shares through HP’s employee stock purchase plan and left HP in 1978. Although HP was aware of Vondjidis’s home address in Athens (the address was listed in HP’s personnel records), HP listed its Athens office (which

Vizcaino v. Microsoft Corp., 290 F.3d 1043 (9th Cir. 2002)

In this class action, eight former “freelance” Microsoft workers alleged that the company had improperly deprived them of employee benefits, including participation in the Employee Stock Purchase Plan. Nine years after the case was filed, the parties settled the matter when Microsoft agreed to pay approximately $97 million into a settlement fund. Plaintiffs’ attorneys