Following passage of AB-5, the recent string of multi-million dollar employee jury verdicts, and other challenging developments, we concluded that our subscribers need some feel-good news every meow and then (sorry).

An association of lawyers in Brasília, Brazil has hired Leon the cat as one of their new “attorneys” in order to lighten the mood around the office and to give Leon some refuge from busy city streets. When he was still just a kitten, Leon began hanging out in the reception area of the building, but people started to complain that he just didn’t belong. To head off more complaints, the association came up with a clever solution: Hire Leon as an employee. After an Instagram post went viral identifying Leon as the association’s newest employee, they quickly promoted the precocious moggie, giving him a lawyer title and assigning him a proper name tag:  “Dr. Leon Advogato.”

While Leon should be praised for his persistence in getting his paw in the door, it’s unknown whether he’ll be branching out to become an emotional support cat to his many new colleagues at the association, which has started an initiative in support of abused and abandoned animals in honor of Leon.