The California Chamber of Commerce has just identified 10 recently introduced “job killer” bills that have been proposed by the California legislature.

Worth noting are the following:

  • AB 196 (Gonzalez; D-San Diego) Establishes “Conclusive Presumption” of Injury. Conclusively presumes that contraction of COVID-19 by all “essential workers” is a workplace injury, which will greatly increase the cost of workers’ compensation insurance for employers.
  • AB 1107 (Chu; D-San Jose) Unemployment Insurance Compensation and Tax Increase. Raises employers’ share of payroll taxes to fund an increase in unemployment payments.
  • AB 2999 (Low; D-Campbell) Requires Bereavement Leave. Requires employers to provide 10 days of unpaid bereavement leave regardless of how long the employee has worked for the employer and establishes a new private right of action.
  • AB 3216 (Kalra; D-San Jose) New COVID-19 Employment Leave Mandate. Amends various California leave programs (e.g., the California Family Rights Act, Pregnancy Disability Leave, Paid Family Leave) and may entitle an employee to take up to 36 weeks of job-protected leave for family care and medical leave taken due to COVID-19. The bill also requires employers to allow employees to take 10 days of paid leave for specified purposes related to a state of emergency.

Read the full list here. We will keep you updated as these bills progress.